Product Photography in Mumbai

At Fusion Films we produce the most precise product photography of fine jewellery, watches, and a vast selection of consumer goods including food and drink, electronic equipment, beauty and fashion products.

Photographers And Retouchers

Our team photographers each have technical ability and lighting experience reaching over 8 years, which they apply to every project. Before Photoshop, there was no opportunity to correct anything post-shoot and everything had to be correctly lit and composed. What was exposed through the lens was delivered to the client –no room for error. Such invaluable skills are truly an art form and enable creative work with sublime image quality. That is why our reputation is built on creating real elements, all shot ‘in camera’, however complex. Our projects involve photographing powder explosions, light swirls, and liquid splashes and pours.

Our retouchers work on complementing the characteristics of each and every detail of an image, which results in achieving a truly unmatched quality; something which we continue to be renowned for in the industry.

Equipment And Facilities

We have the expertise and capability to deliver a truly one-stop service. Our well-equipped studios and full-time staff enable us to handle a variety of projects, including those with short lead times and strict deadlines, along with larger assignments. Our facilities include product photography set, portable photography set up, fully equipped studio with studio lights, music production studio

In our photography department, we exclusively use Canon & Sony cameras and Elinchrom lighting for all of our shoots. The Sony sensors have superior dynamic range, gathering incredibly impressive, high quality ‘bug’s eye’ colour and detail.

With our approach to the diversities of advertising imagery, we continue to help our clients to successfully sell their products and services. Our reputation for thoughtful service, and attention to the needs of our clients has earned us enormous client loyalty and business relationships that have lasted for years. Over the last 3 years, we have had the privilege to work for a number of renowned brands, creating numerous signature shots used in worldwide advertising campaigns. Our visibility defines us and we welcome the continued challenge.

You can trust us to do the job for you

Every photosession is important to us and we want to build lasting relationships with every client. We are proud of our high  rating and our loyal client base. Get in touch with us for your product photography requirements

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