We video a limited number of weddings each year in Mumbai or any other city. If you're one of our lucky couples you'll have a cinematic DVD or Blu-Ray of your wedding day which will knock your weddings socks off and make your friends and family reach for the tissues.

We're proud to offer the complete movie-making package, competitively priced at the professional end of the market.

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The Quality of the Film

There have been massive developments in the world of wedding videography recently. We've totally embraced these changes and with our DSLR cameras, we can produce for our client's wedding videos which look every bit as stunning as their wedding photographs. The large sensors make for beautiful shallow depth of field video, with clarity akin to film. It's literally as though your wedding photographs have come to life.

Filming - Discreet and Unobtrusive

DSLR video cameras are far smaller than traditional shoulder-mounted video cameras. We can film you and your wedding guests without drawing attention.

As a professional film company, we use multiple video cameras so we can capture a wide range of angles during the ceremony and speeches - the majority of our video equipment will be carefully positioned out of sight.

Professional Video Editing

Post-production is where the movie magic happens! We don't believe in crowding your wedding film with 'cheap' special effects, filters and painful slow motion. A strong, well-composed image (professionally color graded in the same way as film) will always stand the test of time. You want a wedding video you can be proud to show your grandchildren, don't you?

Filming is in a reportage style - therefore no cheesy shots or awkward posing. You can be assured of high-quality cinematography, with first-class video capture and precise editing.